Submission Guidelines

HOW-TO: Author Submission

Step One In order to make a submission to the symposium, you are required to register with CMT or login if you already have an account. To register, go to the following link and complete the details as required. Don’t forget to write your password down somewhere safe:

Once you have completed the form and clicked register, you will receive an activation email. Click on the link in the email to complete email verification. You are now ready to log in using your new username email and password. To log in, there are two options:

Option One: Use Known Conference URL given below:

Option Two: Search for conference URL in CMT.

  • Log into CMT and click on All Conferences to search for the Conference to which you will submit your paper.

  • Use the filter field in the upper right to search for the Conference you need.

  • Once you find the Conference, click on the Conference Name link.

The Author Console page where you can make a submission will appear.



If there is no ‘+ Create new submission’ button, that means the Chairs have not enabled this phase of the conference. Please contact the Chairs.

  • Click the “Create new submission” button.

When all sections are enabled, the Create New Submission page will look like the image below. Note the image is for demonstration purposes; the actual page may vary slightly. Required fields are marked with an <*> asterisk. You cannot complete submission if these sections are left blank.

The sections are:

  • Welcome message
  • Title and Abstract
  • Authors
  • Domain Conflicts
  • Subject Areas
  • Files
  • Additional Questions
  • Submit and Cancel buttons

Important Note: It is important to note that the system does not save your files. You have to either submit or exit altogether. If you decide to exit, you will need to re-enter all the information again next time you visit.


  • A message and/or instruction for all authors. This will appear at the top of the Create New Submission page.


  • The “Title” field is for the title of the paper.
  • The “Abstract” field is where you can copy/paste or write your submission abstract. Please note you must copy/paste or write your abstract in the box to be able to submit. You also have the additional option to upload your abstract as an attachment as well.   


  • The Author section is prepopulated with your profile information and you are preselected as the Primary Contact.

  • To add a co-author, enter the co-author’s email address into the field (in yellow below) and click add.

  • If the co-author you wish to add is not a user in CMT, you will see “User was not found. To add a new user, please enter information below and click Add Button.” If the co-author is already a user, the co-author will be added to the end of the Author list.


Adding an unregistered email (an email that is not a valid account in CMT) as a co-author will not add the user to the conference; it only acts as a placeholder in the submission for the co-author.
The co-author is required to register their email in CMT.

  • Enter the co-author’s first and last names along with the Organization to which he or she belongs and the Country/Region where they reside. Then click the Add button.

Once added, the co-author’s profile will appear in the list.

  • You may change the Primary Contact to the co-author by clicking Primary Contact arrow buttons in co-author’s row. The ‘X’ and ‘arrow’ icons on the end of the rows are there so you may delete the entry and/or move it up in hierarchy.


  • In this section, select the primary and secondary (optional) discipline area that your presentation falls under.


  • To upload file for your paper, drag and drop the file into the dotted region or click the “Upload from Computer” button. Please note the number of files you may upload, the size and the type of documents allowed. Uploaded file will not be saved unless the Submit button at the bottom of the form is clicked.



Authors will see the iThenticate Agreement Section in the Submission Form only when iThenticate is enabled for the conference.

  • If iThenticate is enabled, Authors will then need to agree to the use of iThenticate. The Author will check the required checkbox in the iThenticate Agreement Section on the Submission Form.


  • Chairs may require qualifying questions to be answered. These may be required fields (marked by an asterisk <*>). They could consist of questions of agreement, multiple choice, or limited-character text field types. Note the image is for demonstration purposes. Actual questions will vary.


  • Once the form is filled out with all the required information, click Submit. Once you click submit, the conference conveners will receive your submission.



CMT does not automatically generate a confirmation email.

Once you have completed your submission, you can request for a confirmation email to be sent to you. Please note, no automatically generated confirmation email be sent to you so if you would like a confirmation email, you will need to request it manually. You may request an email be sent to you manually by clicking on the “Email” button on the right. You have the option to send it to yourself or all authors. Click Send Email.