How to Apply

  1. Download the application:

    Download the form here to begin the process.

  2. Complete the form:

    Fill out the application form outlining the problem.

  3. Select an ITP member:

    Choose one of the ITP research members here.

  4. Submit the form:

    Submit the completed application form to your selected ITP research member.

  5. Acknowledgement of receipt:

    The applicant will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

  6. Contact from member:

    The selected ITP research member may contact the applicant to discuss further aspects

  7. Decision from member:

    Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing. Successful applicants will receive details on how to proceed. The ITP research member will provide advice to unsuccessful applicants on further options.

  8. Research proceeds:

    The ITP research member will liaise with applicants and researchers to arrange for work on your problem to commence.