About ITP Research

ITP research is comprised of the research-active business divisions of Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology. Our network believes that applying responsive research to business and community needs, and collaboration with government agencies and the private sector, will increase the productivity of business and help New Zealand grow a strong and sustainable commercial innovation sector. It aims to do this by connecting the expertise of ITP research (including skilled graduates) with businesses, government agencies and communities.

In order to make this vision a reality ITP research has developed this ‘research voucher’ funding initiative. If you or your business have a problem that needs solving, a question that needs answering, or an idea that needs development – then talk to us, we want to work with you.

Educating more than 111,000 domestic and international full and part-time students each year, the ITP research network offers a range of vocational and applied educational and training opportunities from certificate to doctorate level.

The focus of the ITP research is to deliver value from collaboration on strategic activities. These activities will assist business transformation and economic development and deliver more efficient and effective provision of world-class education for New Zealand and international students.

Sharing of internal systems, processes, and infrastructure to drive efficiency of operations.


Influencing national policy on vocational education and training.


Maximizing opportunities for technology development and transfer.

Developing international strategic alliances and networks and delivering export education growth.

Development and delivery of joint national programmes.


Progressing an innovative applied research agenda.

Why Us?

We know that successful Research, Innovation and Enterprise nurtures relationships that facilitate the transfer of knowledge, the refinement of methodologies and the growth of cultural capital. These gains from research and advanced practice live on in the communities and businesses we work with.

The members of ITP research built their reputation on making things happen, and that is what our education and research is focused on. This practical philosophy is highly relevant for SMEs, NGOs and other organisations. We have expertise in a range of disciplines including building technology, business development, product development, communications, and market research, ICT solutions, data management and sustainable systems design. See About Our Members for the specialties of each ITP research member.

ITP research is drawn together primarily by the similarities in the challenges and opportunities confronting its members, both in relation to the institutes of technology and polytechnics sector and the economy in general. The overarching aim of the innovate ITP is to contribute to the overall improvement in the country’s economic performance through being an efficient, effective and relevant driver of economic success. The group has an inclusive approach and collaborates with universities, wānanga and other institutes of technology and polytechnics on projects where such collaboration is appropriate.

ITP research Group members have in common the following:

The desire to combine forces to become a major driver of economic competitiveness, productivity and growth for the benefit of New Zealand.


Delivering world-class education programmes to New Zealand and International students and promoting higher levels of education.The desire to combine forces to become a major driver of economic competitiveness, productivity and growth for the benefit of New Zealand.


Our Member Organisations